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What We Do?

CCtoUC stands for Community College to University of California and that is what we do. We are a high-end academic coaching agency. Our services balance students’ strengths, weaknesses, needs, interests, and financial resources and align those with appropriate four-year university opportunities. We help our students identify and apply to suitable colleges. We do this in an organized manner while taking into consideration the importance of college decisions in relation to personal satisfaction and career development. CCtoUC advisers provide detailed information about academic programs, requirements for admission, and application procedures. Assistance is also given to identify and clarify a student’s educational needs and potential.

Later in life, once we fall into stride in our professional careers those that become successful realize one very important fundamental element; It takes a team to be successful and no one does it alone, although it seems that way at times. We stand by our founder’s motto that “with everyone’s help I can accomplish anything.” Learning this team building element and realizing you are not alone in your journey to success is one of the empowering principles we instill in our students.

Why CCtoUC is Different

CCtoUC is unlike any other academic counseling service. Most private admission counselors or coaches are nothing more than a glorified organization expert. They take what a student has and package it as best they can and move onto the next student. We are invested in our students; Their successes are our successes. At CCtoUC, we are different because we help mold our students to make sure they have the necessary assets, both academic and extracurricular, to get accepted at a prospective University.

University of California

CCtoUC was founded in 2010 and has helped countless students reach their goal of attending a University of California. This is our specialty and is what we intently focus on. Instead of knowing a little bit about every university we know everything there is to know about a select few. Our coaching, tutoring, and planning will optimize your academic credentials putting you in the best possible position no matter which college you plan to attend, University of California or private.

The CCtoUC Edge

Our founder and all of our advisers are extraordinarily keen. That well of knowledge and experience is yours to draw from. We know the classes to take, the counselors to meet with, and where to sit in class to win the teachers over. We know the order to do everything, which is the blueprint for success. We have an arsenal of tricks that no other private college counselor can offer simply because they are too far removed from the process.

Our Founder: Blase Dillingham

Blase’s story is one of determination. Blase graduated from high school with a cumulative 2.1 GPA. After high school and a poor attempt at community college he transitioned to an 8-year string of mediocre jobs. Some better than others however none that he felt let him discover his potential. At his current job at the time, he began to receive an increasing amount of responsibility and had to deal with a higher level of educated people. Needing to reinforce his knowledge he took two business classes at Santa Monica Community College. Surprisingly he got two A’s.

From there he reassessed his life and went back to school full time. He, by trial and error learned the community college transfer process inside and out. He befriended application readers at UCLA and Berkeley, financial aid advisors and multiple counselors and professors.

He applied to four UC schools; Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Barbara and San Diego. He was accepted to all four with a full academic scholarship. He decided to become a Bruin and joined UCLA. Two years later he graduated with honors and almost no debt with a B.A. in English. Since then Blase has successfully helped many friends and family through the same process.

After taking the LSAT Blase decided he was more suited for the world of business than law. His outside of the box thinking process and fundamental need to give back to the process that gave so much to him has led to the creation of CCtoUC, which stands for Community College to University of California.  CCtoUC’s mission is to help others whose only access to the UC system is Community College.
uc students

Our Staff

Every one of CCtoUC’s academic advisers and the owner himself has successfully transferred from a community college in southern California to UCLA or Berkeley. No matter how many counseling degrees or credentials our competitors have nothing can match our real world experience. Someone that graduated from an Ivy League school thirty years ago will never understand the trials and tribulations of successfully navigating through the contemporary community college system to emerge from the UC system. They are simply too far removed from the challenges not just of understanding the academic system but understanding life as a 20 something young adult in today’s world.

Our Clients

All of our clients are different and a common theme among them is that they all have special circumstances. These circumstances, upon reflection, seem to be a liability but the truth is they are students’ strongest assets. It is overcoming insurmountable obstacles that the most important qualities, values and life lessons are forged. The first step is seeing ones liability as an asset and the second step is putting these assets to work. When a prospective student is assessed for admission, overcoming obstacles is the number one marker of a unique individual and can actually set one apart from the crowd.

That being said, the students in our program come from all walks of life and this is one of the qualities we pride ourselves on.

  • Financially challenged
  • Transfer students
  • International Students
  • ESL Students
  • Learning difficulties
  • Gap Year / returning Students

Many students find themselves in a community college for a variety of reasons ranging from finances to poor planning. Some students are unable to afford a private university or unable to afford the expenses of living on their own. Other reasons students find themselves in a community college is a lack of motivation of academic goals or underestimating one’s own intelligence. However, this is not a liability but an asset. Many students who are smart enough to go to an Ivy League school opt for a community college to save 50,000+ dollars in living expenses and tuition and then apply as a transfer.

These are the students that thrive within our program. Whether on purpose or inadvertently students in this position are in a strategically ideal position to transfer to a UC school of their choice.

Our Location

We have a beautiful office conveniently located at the popular Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. It is only 2.4 miles from Santa Monica College so students can come to our offices before and after classes. Though we cater to all community college students in Southern California, we focus on the Los Angeles area with a particular focus on Santa Monica College to UCLA and Berkeley.