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Our Staff provides a wide range of services.  Although we recommend all four phases of our services we offer them all individually. We do this for the simple reason that some students need a comprehensive plan to succeed while others only need supplemental assistance to achieve their goals.


Student Assessment 1 – Macro


The first objective is to complete an in-depth interview with the student and his or her family. This meeting clarifies the needs and priorities of the client and outlines the path best taken at that time. An evaluation of all past records including transcripts, achievement and aptitude testing, and pertinent information regarding the student’s personal growth is taken into consideration. The interview with the student is to help identify the options best suited to his or her individual requirements. We then as a group decide what level of service will be needed for the student to reach his or her goals. After the selection of services, our staff can assist the student through the academic process to the application process.


Student Assessment 2 – Micro


After the initial macro or overall assessment a more micro or focused assessment takes place and a day-to-day, week-by-week and month by month plan is created one semester at a time.

This includes:

  • Choosing the right instructors.
  • Planning a class schedule.
  • Learning how get the classes you want.
  • Communicate with your teachers, learning how to build a rapport and win them over.
  • Plan your days.
  • Plan your work schedule.
  • Knowing where to go on campus.


Academic Coaching


Execution of the macro and micro plans.

Now that the student has a tactical and strategic plan, implementation becomes the next challenge. The most common challenge students face is that no matter how detailed their plan, things move so fast and change so often while focusing on class work and tests that reassessing and adjusting their plans falls behind. Deadlines are missed and opportunities lost forever. We help students with our proprietary technique of Academic Timeline Mapping™. This well rounded approach helps students know about and meet important dates and deadlines. They say the devil is in the details and this is no exception.

Our strategic academic coaching takes every single relative obstacle into consideration. It leaves no stone unturned.  We assess and reassess. We plan and plan again. This is perhaps the most valuable, challenging and overlooked component of the academic process and it is our specialty.




Our tutors are proficient in all offered college classes. Everyone needs a tutor and no matter how good a paper is it can always be better. We instill the motivation to strive for perfection into our students. The study skills they learn at CCtoUC they will take with them anywhere they go. Our method is simple. We start with the low hanging fruit. All the easiest work, which is usually seen as inconsequential, is tackled first. Many of our students receive A’s in classes with a 90.2 score in the class. What this means is the difference between an A and a B in a class comes down to one single homework assignment. Everything counts and we show our students how the work goes up in tiers of difficulty, not only in subject matter but with the introduction of variables such as time limits, access to materials, and isolation (tests).

Homework: For every other assignment we can walk you through it step by step, honing the practical application of your education in real-time. During our tutoring sessions we help students polish every single assignment that they will turn in.

Writing: No assignment will ever be submitted without being grammatically perfect and eloquently written. All of our tutors are college graduates with stellar academic records and tremendous work ethics. We know from working as tutors that writing is often the hardest component to learn and the most difficult to improve. We have qualified writing tutors that use proven techniques to help our student become better writers.

Tests: There is only one thing we cannot oversee 100% that is in class tests. For those we can help you prepare with our proprietary memory learning techniques. We help our students figure out what will be on their tests then help them to refine what they need to know and finally show them how to remember the information to succeed.


Application Process


The application process to private and UC schools is more an art of preparation then execution. What most students don’t realize is that during application season if one chooses to apply to 10 schools, the workload will be equivalent to a full semester of school. There are three parts to the application process: choosing your schools, collecting the information for you application and writing your essays. As part of our applications service we can assist you with all three. The process continues by selecting a group of carefully and realistically chosen Universities. Guidance regarding applications, interviews and admissions will be provided.

Letter of intent:

Our Founder is an expert in the art of writing the UC application. He has attended dozens of seminars put on by the UC system as well as many expensive paid for seminars. During this process he has not only learned how to write successful personal statements but also has befriended former and current UC application readers. They specifically told him how the personal statement portion of the application is assessed from their end. Although the prompt ask for one thing, there are many elements that need to be covered. If you follow our pattern of personal statement construction your essay will have a better chance of being placed in the acceptance pile.

We help gather you thoughts and compose an amazing essay. We help you polish that essay.

Your essay will be:

  1. Grammatically correct
  2. Eloquently written
  3. It will answer the mandatory 20+ questions not stated in the prompt that need to be addressed to be a successful essay


When a UC essay reader reads a personal statement they read them very quickly and they look for specific things on a checklist. If they read your essay in five minutes and cannot identify these indicators they will put your essay in the pile on the right. If they can quickly identify them they will put it in the stack on the left. Many essays are written with a massive appeal to emotion, which is not a mistake, but they also have to be succinct and easy to read. The essay has to essentially be three essays overlapped. We will help guide you so your essay successfully does that.

Many say the personal statement doesn’t matter, that it does not carry substantial weight. That is true for many students. Many students are accepted strictly on their stellar and flawless academic success and many are denied on their equally poor academic history. However there are those in between. Those with an average GPA, which is for transfer students, somewhere between 3.0 and 3.8 and for high school students between a 3.8 and a 4.0. For students in this bracket the essay DOES matter and acceptance could hinge on a beautifully constructed and artistically written paper.

Lets not forget that in 2011, the year our founder was accepted to UCLA as a transfer student, 10,000 applicants from high school with a 4.0 GPA were denied acceptance. The acceptance rate from community college transfer students was also very low about 300 from Santa Monica College. That is something to think about.


Financial Aid Assistance


We understand the academic financial aid system almost better than we know the academic system. CCtoUc will show you how to proactively adjust your financial strategy to maximize grants, loans, financial aid and scholarships. Financial aid will help you with school supplies so students can choose to focus on their education.

When any student is going to school full time there is a balance of school and supplemental work to support their living expenses. One of our mottos here at CCtoUC is if you could give your education a 40 hour week, the same time required at a full time job, you could definitely receive all A’s. Working at a job chips away at valuable time and subsequently your GPA.

Transferring from a community college to a UC is the most cost effective path through the academic system. For thousands of students who could never dream of affording a degree from say UCLA, it is now a possibility. Unfortunately, many students ignore the opportunity of accepting free money in the form of grants.


Therapy – Stress Management


We work with many therapists to help mitigate the debilitating stress and anxiety that comes with navigating the academic landscape.

The most common downfalls of a potentially successful student are three things. First, the stress becomes incapacitating. Second, the student falls behind in their work. Lastly, the student reports back to their parents that everything is okay. Parents become unaware of their child falling behind with their schoolwork, which results in the child not receiving the support they need to overcome this obstacle.




In addition to the option of one on one therapy sessions, we have monthly seminars at… Each month of the community college semester has its own inherent pitfalls and whether it is familiarizing oneself with the campus, to study habits during finals week, we explore these issues and provide solutions on a group level.

Seminars include:

  • Choosing classes
  • Midterm and final preparation
  • Stress management
  • Confidence building


UC Coaching

Once our students are accepted to the school of their choice, we can still help. Upon first assessment, we take your continuing education into consideration whether that is medical school, business school, or a PhD program. CCtoUC provides a continuing support system for students through additional contact or academic coaching.